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R3S Compact Music System
Designed to exceed expectation
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We believe everyone deserves good design in their lives and the smart, elegant R3S system helps people enjoy life that little bit more. It combines a dapper, upscale design with a versatile and playful form factor, topped off by a sublime sound that belies its compact stature. It is also hugely flexible, empowering users to do more than they thought possible with such a system.


R3S’s carefully considered proportions create a purposeful look, whilst the cantilevered legs subtly angle the unit upwards giving the impression that it is looking up and ready to perform. Driving the system is a high-fidelity two-channel Class A-B amplifier and with our NS+ drivers and latest digital sound processing techniques we have finely tailored the sound at every level to generate a realistic sound stage that extends way beyond R3S’s compact stature. Whatever your taste in music, R3S is a remarkable all-in-one system that will fulfill the needs of even the most discerning listener.


On top of our visually appealing design and high-fidelity heritage, we know that it’s what’s beneath the surface that truly counts. Being hands-on with every aspect of our products design, we dedicate endless hours to creating the finest available products from the inside out. The R3S uses a high capacity linear power supply with Class A-B amplifiers, active electronics and equalisation to control the loudspeaker units precisely, a technology usually only found in specialist, high value audio equipment.


Our R3S features a comprehensive wi-fi streaming system with support for Spotify Connect, Amazon, Tidal, and Deezer music services. It also has a slick multi-format CD player, aptX Bluetooth receiver, SmartRadio receiver, USB-C playback and charge port, and auxiliary inputs allowing you to connect to all your favorite music devices with ease. 


  • Class leading audio with enhanced stereo sound
  • Comprehensive Wi-Fi streaming with Spotify Connect and support for tidal, Deezer, and Amazon Music
  • Multi Format CD player
  • AptX Bluetooth receiver
  • SmartRadio Tuner with Internet Radio/DAB/DAB+/FM with RDS
  • USB-C playback/charge port
  • Infrared remote control
  • Digital and analogue inputs
  • Analogue output
  • High contrast OLED display with large format clock
  • Ethernet port
  • Class A-B amplifier system – nominal 30 watts output
  • Ruark neodymium NS+ drivers
  • Power consumption: 1.6W networked standby power when connected to a network; automatic standby after 20 mins, see user guide for more details
  • Finishes: Rich Walnut veneer
  • Dimensions: H167 x W420 x D220mm
  • Weight: 5.2kg

R3 rear view details
USB charge and playback port Digital optical input Removable telescopic aerial allows connection to external antenna if required Ethernet port Stereo analogue input (RCA connectors) Stereo analogue output (RCA connectors) Stereo headphone output